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Sky's deal with Sony paves the way for 4K movies

That includes Ghostbusters and the Angry Birds movie.
Sky's deal with Sony paves the way for 4K movies
Nick Summers
Nick Summers|@nisummers|April 18, 2016 7:55 AM

Sky has sewn up its first pan-European deal with Sony today, ensuring the studio's movies arrive promptly, and in 4K resolution, in every country where it operates. In the UK, the new agreement means that Sky will continue to get first dibs on Sony's latest flicks before any other subscription service. Sky says each movie will be available "only a few months" after it's been released in cinemas, and "over a year" ahead of other subscription services. (Think Netflix, Prime Video, or even BT TV.)

Sky's new TV platform, Sky Q, supports 4K, however the company is yet to offer any "Ultra HD" shows or movies. That should change later this year, however, and when it does, Sony's films will be some of the first that customers can watch on their pixel-dense TVs. In its press release, Sky calls out Ghostbusters, Angry Birds, Money Monster and Inferno as "major new films" that will be coming to its platform. They could be joined by many other 4K flicks, of course, including those produced by other studios.

Sky's deal with Sony is important as it tries to fight off traditional and satellite TV providers, like BT and Virgin Media, as well as streaming services like Netflix. With Sky Q and Now TV, it's trying to compete with both groups simultaneously -- and some timed exclusives, especially in 4K, could give the pair an edge in the fiercely competitive UK market.

Sky's deal with Sony paves the way for 4K movies