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Tesla gives owners free trial of its self-driving future

The future of car upgrades is "try before you buy."
Tesla gives owners free trial of its self-driving future
Roberto Baldwin
Roberto Baldwin|@strngwys|April 18, 2016 4:29 PM

Tesla's semi-autonomous Autopilot mode is a great way to get a tiny glimpse into the self-driving-car future. Currently if you're a Model X or S owner and you didn't add the option when you bought your vehicle, but you're curious to try it out, the automaker is offering a 30-day trial.

If the Tesla has the necessary hardware, the owner can get an over-the-air update that adds Autopilot for 30 days. The offer was first noticed by Reddit user kushari. A Tesla spokesperson confirmed that the trial is available for all owners of supported vehicles.

This is actually a smart move by Tesla. If an owner wants to add the feature after taking delivery of a car, the cost is $3,000. Not exactly spare change. This gives those drivers the ability to try before they buy and see if automatic steering, lane changing and speed control is worth all that money.

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Tesla gives owners free trial of its self-driving future