Guile is coming to 'Street Fighter V' this month

Capcom's time-outs for rage-quitters starts in April as well.

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It still feels weird that Street Fighter V launched without Guile, one of the series' most iconic characters, but developer Capcom is fixing that. Later this month, the well-coiffed world warrior will be a free download until the Zenny store (uses real money and currency earned from playing the game) fully launches. His Air Force base stage will be available for 70,000 in-game credits as the first post-launch arena, but if you ponied up for the season pass you'll get it for free, along with an alternate costume for Guile.

Sure, a new, fan-favorite fighter is a welcome addition, but all the Sonic Hurricanes in the world won't fix how much of a mess the game's online battles are. Well, to address the plague of rage-quitters in the community, the jerks will be locked out of matchmaking for "a period of time." Capcom doesn't have a timeline for when that will be available, but says that the system will constantly evolve. The firm promised the patch would be out this month, however, it hasn't given an exact date.
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