Capcom needs your help tracking 'Street Fighter' sore losers

Over the weekend, the company wants you to catch quitters in the act.

Street Fighter V might not feel entirely complete right now, but that's no reason to abandon good sportsmanship. Developer/publisher Capcom is aware of the problems the community is facing in terms of people rage-quitting when online matches that aren't going their way and it wants you to help. Over the weekend, if someone can't handle the Snake Eyez-level of heat you're bringing with Zangief and they disconnect, the gamemaker is urging you to use the PlayStation 4's "share" button to catch him or her in the act once the match has ended.

Capcom hasn't outlined a specific solution just yet, but notes that more details will come next week. In the meantime, the team is working on a "permanent solution" and will start taking direct action against the folks keeping their records spotlessly clean via nefarious methods. A blog post over at Capcom Unity says that the worst offenders will be punished severely.

And hey, sore losers? if Street Fighter champion Daigo Umehara didn't quit against challenger/rapper Lupe Fiasco at this year's EVO tournament when the chips were down, what makes you so special?