'Street Fighter' cheating means dropped ranks and lost points

Capcom has outlined the consequences for online rage-quitters.


Last week Capcom asked for your help catching Street Fighter V rage quitters in the act. Using the evidence the community provided, the publisher/developer was able to cross-reference it with internal data to find the folks with 80 - 90 percent disconnect rates and "unrealistic win rates," and punish the jerks.

Given the criteria for the reprimanding, if you're worried about being punished for your internet legitimately disconnecting every now and again, it doesn't sound like there's anything to fear.

However, if you have what the outfit refers to as an abnormally high disconnect rate at the end of a match? Say goodbye to all your League Points because they'll be reset during the team's weekly sweep for cheaters. Capcom says that the some 30 accounts it has reprimanded will be looked after and it'll keep the punishments coming to them if warranted.

Capcom also notes that it's devised a way to keep an eye on cheaters without the need for user-submitted video, too, but doesn't have a timeframe for when its permanent fix for cowardly combatants will be ready.

Oh, and if you're having issues connecting online, hit the Capcom Unity blog post for a list of the remote ports to take a gander at on your router.