Razer's latest gaming keyboard and mouse are built for your lap

The Turret combo is finally ready for your living room gaming PC.

Remember the Turret, Razer's living room-friendly mouse and keyboard combo? After more than a year of waiting, it's finally ready for action. Plunk down $160 and you'll get a pair of wireless peripherals (they work on both Bluetooth and proprietary connections) that are designed to be used in your lap. The keyboard has a lapboard that provides a flat surface for its high-precision, 3,500DPI mouse. The setup is primarily intended for a PC hooked up to your TV, but it has dedicated Android keys in case you're using a Google-powered set-top box. There are plenty of other couch-oriented combos out there, but this may be your best pick if you're determined to play first-person shooters and anything else that's particularly involving.