Google Inbox can keep up with your changing calendar

You won't have to worry about missing a time change.

Ever struggled to keep up with a calendar event as people email changes in their plans? You won't have to panic after today. Google is updating Inbox with a smarter approach to Google Calendar events that pools together all the emails from an event and shows changes in one place. If someone can't make it or the time changes, you shouldn't be caught off-guard.

The update will also be handy if you're the sort to email yourself web links instead of relying on read-it-later services. There's now an option to share links to Inbox, giving them a special place in the email app. It takes advantage of native sharing features on Android or iOS, and Inbox's Chrome extension will handle the same duties when you're on the desktop web. And lastly, the new Inbox is much better at handling newsletters -- it's easier get a peek at those recap messages, and they'll minimize once you've had a look.