Lian Li's first standing desk is also a computer

... or should that be the other way around.

Lian Li

Lian Li is no stranger to building desks with computers crammed into them, but this is the first time it's playing to the standing desk crowd. After all, you can justify more of those late night raids if you're also standing up and, therefore, kinda exercising. Much like its predecessors, the DK-04 is a large chassis that'll let you build your dream water-cooled PC with support for eight expansion slots. It also has an electronically-controlled motor that'll let you push the table to heights between 67.5 and 116 centimeters. The other big change is to the underside of the chassis, which now tapers to provide bigger and better legroom than the originals. If this is the desk of your dreams, you can pick it up in Europe in early may for £1,269.99 and in the US for $1,499.