Snapchat's 'face-swap' now taps into your existing photos

With great power comes great responsibility.

Snapchat has scrapped its pay-to-replay feature, meaning repeat views of temporary videos and photos is now a free, one-time-only deal. Far, far more importantly, you can now swap your face with any visage that Snapchat auto-detects on your photo roll: no more attempting to awkwardly position your buddy in a photo, or point your phone at a laptop or magazine. Sure you can still do that, but why would you? The results are equal parts stupid and magical. Game changer.

Snapchat's face detection is good but not perfect, often spotting faces inside sauce bottles, advertising signs and even its own icons, but then that's also hilarious, so I don't mind. The update is out on iOS now, while Google Play appears to rolling out the update gradually. Take a look for yourself here -- and keep it tasteful.

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