Recommended Reading: Is Instagram ruining our vacations?

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AP Photo/Francois Mori

Instagram Is Ruining Vacation
Mary Pilon,

Instagram users, myself included, share many daily activities with the social channel's filter-driven photography and videos. That habit is only amplified when we go on vacation, nabbing photos of sights, meals and more. Is our desire to snap a picture actually ruining our ability to tune out the world and relax when we're away? It sure seems like it.

Hollywood's Upcoming Films Prove It Loves Asian Culture -- As Long As It Comes Without Asians
Kelly Kanayama, Media Diversified

The trailer for Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange film debuted last week, offering a tease of this fall's release. The movie seems to be full of Asian culture from the comics, minus Asian actors.

What If Everyone Voted on Everything?
Rose Eveleth, Motherboard

Just over half of United States citizens take time to visit the polls for presidential elections. That number drops even further during the mid-term cycle. What if we had to vote on everything? What if each person was able to cast an opinion on a bill or other piece of legislation?

3D Printing Our Way To The Year 2050
Jason Lederman, Popular Science

NASA and Star Trek are using 3D printing to inspire the next generation of makers. And they're doing it in space as well as here on Earth.

The UX Of Ethics: Should Google Tell You If You Have Cancer?
Mark Wilson, Fast Company

If algorithms built by Google, Facebook, Microsoft and the like can tell that you have cancer based on your search queries and conversations, should the technology inform you of your condition?