Cracker Jack ditches toys in favor of augmented reality

Sorry buddy, you have to settle for a "mobile experience" instead.

Ah yes, Cracker Jack. The classic American snack food and ballpark staple that offers the thrill of finding a cheap plastic toy at the bottom of the box. Well, I should say offered, since PepsiCo's Frito-Lay division is modernizing snacking by nixing the toy in favor of a "baseball-inspired mobile digital experience." What does that mean exactly? Rather than unwrapping a plastic figurine or trinket, you'll find a sticker that you scan with your phone's camera to "bring the ballpark to life" with a mobile game or photo treatment. Oh yeah, you'll have to download the Blippar augmented reality app first.

Once you scan the included sticker, you'll be greeted with one of four "experiences" that mimic activities at a real baseball game. There's "Dance Cam" that allows you to pretend you're up on the jumbotron, a "Dot Race" around the field and the ability to create both baseball cards and autographed photos of yourself. Those cards and photos can be traded among your family and friends, in case you were wondering. The changes coincide with the start of baseball season across a number of leagues, so don't forget to take your phone when you head to the stadium this year.