Periscope lets you scribble on your livestreams

The feature is iOS-only for now.

Just like Snapchat and a dozen other social media apps, it's now possible to draw on Periscope. With the latest version of the iOS app, you can long-press on the screen and tap the "Sketch" option to scribble in one of three different colors. For greater control, however, you can also use the dropper tool to pick a custom color from inside your video. It could prove useful if you're streaming and want to point out something in particular, or, if you're bored, simply play some Pictionary with strangers online.

Additionally, Periscope has improved the amount of data that's available to its users. These take the form of new viewer and watch time statistics. If you're trying to get the biggest audience possible, you're now also able to review your Periscope and see which moments brought in the largest number of viewers. That, I suspect, will appeal most to vloggers, marketers and social media managers looking to maximize their reach online.

⚡️🎥🎨🌟 Sketch while you Scope - now available on iOS!

— Periscope (@periscopeco) April 27, 2016