Twitter rolls out 'Connect' to help you follow more accounts

Update the iOS or Android version today to try it out.

Connect, Twitter's newest feature, allows users on iOS or Android to browse a curated list of accounts to follow -- it's like having a personal stylist for your Twitter account. The recommendations will be refined over time, but they're based on who you follow, tweets you like, popular local accounts, world events and a few other parameters. Twitter will explain why it's showing you each recommendation, too.

Connect also lets users sync up their address books. If you do so, Twitter will send out an alert when someone you know joins the service, so you can send them a congratulatory hashtag and follow each other. If you don't want friends and family to know you're on Twitter, adjust your discoverability options in the security and privacy settings page. The Connect option will roll out today for all iOS and Android users.

Twitter is focused on collecting as many new accounts as it can. In April, the company announced it had added 5 million monthly active users to its base in the previous quarter, though it still generated a loss of $79 million. Twitter is close to reaching profitability and every new user helps.