Google moves every Blogspot domain to HTTPS

Now your feline photo essays will be a little more secure.

Google's quest to make the internet a more secure place is taking another step. The internet juggernaut's flipped the switch on HTTPS for all Blogspot domains, according to a post on the Google Security Blogspot account. Naturally. It's automatic and doesn't rely on you using the "HTTPS Availability" option, but if you were worried about not having a switch of your own to flip anymore, Google has you covered there with HTTPS Redirect.

It's exactly what it sounds like, too: If someone types in an HTTP address to get to your blog, this sends them to a secure version instead. Otherwise, they'll have the choice of browsing securely or not should you not opt in. This could cause a few hiccups if you have a fancy template or add-on running on your blog, but the folks in Mountain View have a warning tool for anything that might run into issues following the changeover. And just like that, your blog's visitors can browse a little more safely.