African mobile game rewarded its top players with a real cow

Meanwhile, all you get is an invitation to make more in-app purchases.

What did your favorite mobile game give you the last time you topped its leaderboard? In Tunisia, the developers of a game called Bagra, which translates to "cow," gave its top players a real, living bovine. To win, the couple had to be better than everyone else in a game of keeping a digital herd of cows safe while stealing from others.

According to local website Tuniscope, Digital Mania, the app's developer, gave the winners a choice between claiming the live cow, donating it to charity and having it butchered for meat. Luckily for Pamela, her new owners decided to claim her alive and whole. We just hope the couple didn't incur a crippling debt buying in-app items to protect their virtual herd.