How Social Networks are Bringing Communities Closer Together

By now everyone is aware of social media and how it impacts the modern culture. They exist for one purpose: to connect people beyond the boundaries of location, language, ethnicity, and religion. The biggest social network – Facebook -- serves as the all-embracing platform that connects everyone for all purposes. It also has groups that allow members to participate in communities that share similar interests.

However, let's face it – the Facebook community can be hostile at times. Clashing views, disagreements, and cyber-bullying may beat the purpose of social networking and introduce conflicts within the community.

Of course, in an overarching social network like Facebook, you cannot expect everyone to have the same views and interests. If you love social media and want to make the most out of it, then you should consider joining networks that do more than just socialising.

Apart from Facebook, there are social platforms that are dedicated to specific fields of interest. These platforms offer a lot more than Facebook regarding participation, interaction, and contribution – thus forming a much closer online community.

Fleeber – Musicians

Soundcloud and YouTube are great for music lovers, but Fleeber is for musicians who want to contribute to the musical world. As a musician, one of the biggest challenges is building a network. Fleeber's tagline, "Music Happens Together", is empowered by the platform that connects individuals with different musical inclinations. Here, users can form bands, look for gigs, find recording studios, connect with producers, and even sell their original work or business ideas in the music industry.

GoodReads – Book Lovers

GoodReads is not a social platform for those who just read books – it is for those who fall in love with them. The social aspect works by letting you know what your friends are reading. Users may also discuss titles that they adore, hate, or recommend. If you are looking for new books for future reading, you can check out the user-submitted reviews or discover them by category. Lastly, GoodReads offer users book recommendations by looking at the titles you've enjoyed in the past.

Deily – For Religion & Spirituality

Some people think social media is killing religion. Deily proves that it can do the opposite and bring different religions closer together. This social platform is all about sharing your faith, expanding your religious circle, and understanding the faith of other religions. You can access religious topics under major religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism whether as a learner or as a contributor.

BakeSpace – Home Cooks

Despite the name, BakeSpace is not just about baking. It is a social publishing platform for home cooks who want to share their recipes with the world. As a user, you can view recipes from other users and add them to your "Recipe Box." You may also create your cookbook which you can share or sell to the BakeSpace community.

GitHub – Developers

GitHub is a popular code-sharing website for programmers – professional or hobbyist. It is a great platform that can help users refine their software development skills. Apart from getting answers to development-related problems, users can also access codes that can easily be copied or ask the community for a specific code that fits their needs. Lastly, GitHub allows users to view, study, and contribute to millions of open source software development projects.

LinkedIn – Professionals

Whether you are looking for work or new contacts, LinkedIn is the place for you. It is a social platform that brings together the world's pool of talented professionals and growing businesses, making it the ideal location for discovering new opportunities. With more professionals joining each day, you can also use Linkedin to find past colleagues that you may have worked with in the past.


Facebook is indeed an incredible platform that is making the world smaller. However, with its broad coverage, many people could be missing out on what social media can do. With the networks mentioned above, people from across the globe can discover new ways to work together and achieve something meaningful. Unlike networks that most people use for the purpose of sharing personal updates, platforms like Deily, LinkedIn, and GitHub gives users the ability to become contributing members of the online community.