10 Pieces of Tech changing Home Security

Our homes are getting smarter and so too are our security devices. The internet of things has allowed for leaps and bounds in the security, camera and alarm industry and there are a number of exciting consumer devices on the market at the moment. So, let's take a closer look at some of the best.

LG's Smart Security Solution

This smart security solution manages to pack quite a lot of features into a small device. It has a camera, an environmental monitor and a siren - and features partnerships with companies such as August and SmartThings. It's quite an impressive security hub, and can also work together with the new non-contractual home monitoring by ADT.

Ezviz's Outdoor Camera
The Mini Cube, by Ezviz, is a small and quite affordable outdoor camera. It costs only $110 (roughly £75 or AU$155), which means it'll be hard to find competition in its price range.

Devcon Home Security
A wireless home security system such as that offered by Devcon is a trusted system that has been created to keep your home safe from intruders. A wireless home security system like this is an easy to set up, easy to use and very effective way to keep you and your family safe.

Oco's Second Generation
Oco's new system hopes to compete with the affordable options that Ezviz brings to the tablet. The new Oco features local storage (or cloud storage, for a fee), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, two-way audio, and many other features you may expect - for a low price of $150 (about AU$210 or £100).

SimpliSafe - Now With A Camera
SimpliSafe had quite an impressive security system except for the fact it missed a camera - but that's no longer an issue. The SimpliSafe Security Camera fixes that. The camera, which seems like it'll be released this summer, is going to feature heat signature motion detection, HD resolution, two-way audio, and a lot more. It's the perfect addition for people with this issue who want to keep an eye on their property.

iDevice's Creative Leak Sensor
Idevice's Delta Leak Detector provides users with clever solutions to the problems previous sensors presented. Since it has Wi-Fi, you won't need any additional hub in order to receive mobile alerts - and it has probes designed to detect water quickly, before it starts to pool.

Smart Garage
Trying to locate an elusive garage door remote as you try to navigate a dark street, your kid's toys or toppled garbage cans can be awkward, or even dangerous. Chamberlain provides a garage door opener which allows you to tap the screen of your device in order to open or close it, wherever you are. The company will soon add geofencing capabilities too - allowing it to sense when you're near to automatically open, then close it when you're safely inside. Part of the Wink/Home Depot ecosystem and Apple's HomeKit initiative, MyQ is capable of controlling practically any garage door opener from a major brand, provided it was manufactured after 1993.

Hub, Router, Alarm
The Securifi Almond 3 combines a smart home hub with a security monitor and a Wi-Fi Router. This is an all-in one hub which will be able for $120 this summer (approximately AU$170 or £80). Depending on the device's performance, it may present itself a helpful solution to fragmented smart homes.

Forget Batteries - It's Charged By Light
The Brinks Array has two reasons why it's notable - it can be charged by any light, not just sunlight, so batteries aren't much of a concern; and it connects to your wi-fi, so there's no need for a hub in order to use it.

While The Nest Protect CO2 + Smoke Alarm is a great choice for individuals looking for a 2-in-1 device which connects to smart home devices, the Roost Smart Battery is quite useful, too. It's a $35 gadget which plugs into virtually any CO2 or smoke detector and turns it into a smart device - when the alarm goes of, it alerts you and your family on your smartphones, where you can silence it's something like a piece of burnt toast, or call 911 in case of a real emergency.