TalkTalk TV to offer BT Sport channels

No word on how much they'll cost, however.

Reuters Staff / Reuters

TalkTalk, like Virgin Media, doesn't hold the rights to any live sport in the UK. Instead, the company has to hash out deals with other broadcasters, such as Sky and BT, to offer its subscribers new channels and coverage. TalkTalk TV customers can already pay extra for Sky Sports, but today the company announced that a BT Sport package is also being added to the mix. The price of the bolt-on subscription is yet to be determined, but TalkTalk has confirmed that it will include BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport Europe and BT Sport ESPN. Notably, there's no BT Sport Ultra HD.

With Sky Sports and BT Sport combined, it'll be possible for TalkTalk customers to watch every televised Premier League and Champions League match on their TV. Of course, BT offers more than that though -- subscribers will also gain access to plenty of rugby, MotoGP and UFC martial arts with their subscription. Sky and BT would, of course, prefer that viewers use their own TV platform, rather than the one provided by TalkTalk, but this is a way to boost their subscriber numbers and recoup the astronomical amounts spent on live Premier League TV rights.