Apple says a bug in iTunes might be deleting users' libraries

A patch should be coming next week.

Reuters/Stephen Lam

Last week, a blog post by a designer named James Pinkstone made the rounds; in it, the writer claimed that Apple Music and iTunes teamed up to delete his 122GB of local music files and basically cause havoc with his library. This isn't the first time we've heard of oddness around how Apple Music plays with your local files, but it sounded more severe than most other reports. Now, Apple has confirmed to iMore that it is working on a patch to iTunes to fix the issue.

In the statement, Apple acknowledged that an "extremely small" number of customers were having their libraries disappear without their permission. Apple hasn't been able to reproduce the bug itself, but nonetheless it says a patch to iTunes next week should help solve the problem. That's little comfort to those who lost their local music libraries (back up your files, people), but it does serve as confirmation that this isn't expected Apple Music behavior -- the service is not intended to to overwrite your personal music library. With 13 million customers now, we'd probably be hearing from more upset users if this was happening more frequently.