SoundHound adds voice search to its music discovery app

"OK Hound, play 'Who Let the Dogs Out.'"

Last June, SoundHound revealed its plan to provide answers to more than just your music queries. It did just that with a universal search app called Hound, software with a feature that aimed to take on the likes of Siri and Google: voice commands. However, that handy tool didn't hadn't made the leap to the company's flagship app, but that changes today. The SoundHound software that finds music answers will now let you ask those questions with your voice.

Thanks to the Houndify platform, the SoundHound app can handle spoken cues after you alert it with the "OK Hound" command. For example, if you wanted to hear something upbeat, you would say "OK Hound, play Major Lazer." Don't worry, you can still ask the app to identify a song being played, sang or hummed -- that original function isn't going away.

You can also tell SoundHound to add a track to a playlist on your streaming service of choice or ask it trivia questions. It can let you know where a particular artist was born or the name of their latest single. Need to find a music video? The app searches YouTube, too. If you're looking to give it a go, the updated SoundHound app with Hound's voice search is now available for iOS and Android.