Tumblr rolls out 'GIF posts' for iOS users

Tumblr app users with iPhones can spice up their feeds with GIFs and editable text starting today.

Do you use Tumblr? Do you love GIFs? Do you also have an iPhone? Beginning today, you can start creating GIF posts via the official Tumblr app on iOS.

Tumblr's GIF-creation tools have been around since last year, and in fact this very same feature was available this whole time wrapped inside of the Tumblr app's photo post option. It's now available as a separate option to make things easier and more apparent to users.

Granted, it's been launched with a few upgrades, such as the ability to draw on top of your GIFs, place emoji on them, and superimpose text on top. The actual editing options as far as text goes are paltry at best, with some pretty garish options as far as fonts go, but like with Snapchat's editor you can alter your images as you see fit.

If editing straight from the Tumblr app doesn't appeal to you, you can still post regular old GIFs from the website or desktop via Tumblr. But being able to turn videos into GIFs or film your own moments for the app is still a handy tool. If you're without an iPhone and feel left out, don't worry. Android users will be receiving this update soon as well.