Google needs your help naming Android N

My (totally biased) choice: Android Nutter Butter.

Nougat? Nerds? Necco wafers? Nonpareils? We'd argue none of these treats sound cool enough for the next version of Android, and it turns out Google is having a hard time picking too. That's why, for the first time ever, the search giant wants to know what you think the "N" in Android N should stand for. Google launched a website to take your suggestions, and could pick a winner if someone out there cooks up something seriously inspired.

There's no shortage of inspiration out there, but we're not yet sure what the winner -- or winners -- will get for their hard work. (If it's not first crack at some new Nexus hardware, Google really needs to up their game.) Anyway, just remember Google gets to choose a favorite -- if there is one -- so don't bother stuffing the digital ballot box with some dessert-themed take on "Boaty McBoatface".

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