Samsung Pay now works with your loyalty cards in the US

Your Galaxy S can help you get those free groceries.

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Reuters/Andrew Kelly
Reuters/Andrew Kelly

Samsung Pay can substitute for your credit and debit cards, but those probably aren't the only hunks of plastic you're looking to replace. What about the points program card for the grocery store, or the discount card for the pharmacy? Relax. Samsung Pay now supports loyalty and membership cards in the US, so you can make the most of those price drops and freebies without bulking up your wallet.

The service is a bit late to the party, since both Android Pay and Apple Pay have supported loyalty cards for a while. However, it's potentially more useful due to Samsung Pay's more universal terminal support. After all, it's not as likely that you'll run into a store that both supports NFC payments and loyalty cards -- as long as you have a compatible Samsung phone, you can shop in most places knowing that all of your cards should work.

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