Vevo revamp puts a personalized music video feed on your phone

The new Android and iOS apps are simpler and smarter.

If you're fond of gorging on music videos while you're waiting for the bus or lounging on the couch, Vevo has your back. It's launching redesigned Android and iOS apps that bring its more personalized experience to phones and tablets. The simpler interface revolves around a Spotlight section that shows both recommended videos (based on what you've watched and liked) as well as a New for You playlist that offers a relevant feed of the latest and greatest clips. You might not have to spend any time sifting through videos just to find something you'll enjoy, in other words.

Not that you can't go looking if you want to. There's a Browse section that highlights new and trending videos, and your profile will show all your favorites and custom playlists. It's hard to say if Vevo's update is good enough to pull you away from the likes of YouTube, but it's likely worth a look if you spend more time watching music than listening to it.