eBay has a virtual reality shop in Australia

You can even choose items in the shop by staring at them.

eBay is giving Australians another high-tech way to spend their money. The e-commerce company has teamed up with Myer, a department store in the country, to launch a virtual reality shop. It can be accessed through existing headsets like Samsung Gear VR, though they also seem to be giving away 20,000 Google Cardboards called "Shopticals." The shop contains goods sold through Myer, complete with 3D models for the top 100 items in each category. Its most interesting feature, however, is a system eBay developed called "Sight Search."

"Sight Search" allows users to choose items by staring at them for a few seconds. Staring at the "Add to Basket" button also adds items to the cart, but users have to pay for their purchases manually. Steve Brennen, eBay's senior director of marketing and retail innovation, told Mashable Australia: "Your eyes can move so quickly... Sight Search in a VR world of retail feels very sensible. How much customers use it, do they love it, is where we'll get to next." We're guessing the company plans to improve Sight Search even further, perhaps to allow users to pay with their eyes, as well. Since not all of us can access the app, you can check out a short demo in the video below.