Researchers could help cops tap into public surveillance cameras

Don't worry, it's supposed to be for a good cause.

Researchers from Purdue University found a way for law enforcement to tap into any surveillance camera that's not password protected. As Wired points out though, the goal with this newly developed system isn't to help cops perform questionable acts, but rather make it easier for them to figure out how to better assist during a crime or emergency. To make that possible, engineers developed tools smart enough to find open-network surveillance cameras, including public ones, and then send their location to officials who are looking to scan a nearby scene.

Obviously, there's a concern for privacy with the project -- thanks, NSA. But Purdue University Researchers say it's only a proof of concept right now, according to Wired, noting that they're taking the necessary steps to ensure people's privacy if the system ever goes online. "I can certainly see the utility for first responders," an investigative researcher for the Electronic Frontier Foundation told the publication. "But it does open up the potential for some unseemly surveillance."