Rhapsody's VR app is a hub for live music videos

Watch on-demand concert performances in 360 degrees.

The tech world is obsessed with virtual reality. It should come as no surprise, then, that music-streaming service Rhapsody wants a piece of it as well. The company took a step forward today by introducing Rhapsody VR, an iOS and Android app that offers access to 360-degree videos from music concerts. The content is free for everybody to watch (preferably through a headset like Google Cardboard), meaning it's not limited to people who subscribe to Rhapsody.

Right now, there are only nine videos available on the app, but a Rhapsody spokesperson tells Engadget new ones will be added each month. VR experiences like these aren't completely new, but the more 360-degree music concerts we get to enjoy, the better. Your turn, Spotify.