Moog's Minimoog Model D reissue revives a classic synthesizer

Another iconic analog instrument is back.

To properly celebrate this year's Moogfest, the synth maker is giving synth collectors the chance to own a piece of history. The company set up a temporary "pop-up factory" during this weekend's event where the iconic Minimoog Model D is going back into what Moog is calling pilot production. The Model D, the first Minimoog instrument made available to the public (A through C were prototypes), was built between 1970 and 1980, serving as the precursor to the popular Minimoog Voyager synthesizer that was discontinued last year.

While most Moog gear carries a vintage look, these new Model Ds keep their retro flair with a wood frame and orange rocker switches. And, of course, there's plenty of that classic Moog analog sound. The company says it retained the same sound engine and circuit design from the original, but added some modern features like MIDI, dedicated low-frequency oscillation, velocity sensitivity and control voltage outputs. Those changes don't impact the sound in any way though, maintaining those authentic Model D tones.

Between now and Sunday, the Minimoog Model D will be assembled on-site at Moogfest in Durham, North Carolina. Yes, the units will be available for sale, but you'll have to make the trip if you're looking to empty your savings account immediately. However, the instrument is going back into full production if you already have plans. The cost? $3,500.

Moog has been on a bit of a revival kick over the last few months. The company announced last year that its massive (and much less portable) modular synths -- the System 55, System 35 and Model 15 -- were going back into production in limited quantities and with hefty price tags. Of course, there's a much cheaper option if you're looking to tap into the sonic possibilities of the Model 15: Moog's latest iOS app.

Update: We received some additional details from Moog after this article was published. The text has been updated to reflect that information.