The Milwaukee Bucks fell prey to a phishing email scam

The basketball team inadvertently gave out tax data for all its employees.

AP Photo/Morry Gash

Just because you're part of a major league sports team doesn't mean you're immune to internet fraudsters. The Milwaukee Bucks have confirmed that they fell victim to a phishing scam that compromised the basketball team's financial data. After receiving an email impersonating team president Peter Feigin, an employee sent out 2015 tax year data for all of the Bucks' employees, including players. Yes, that means that the salaries and social security numbers of some NBA athletes are in sinister hands.

The Bucks are conducting an "aggressive" investigation, and giving staff access to both unlimited identity restoration services and 3 years of credit monitoring. It's also promising "preventative measures" that include training staff to better protect privacy. However, there's no escaping at least some of the damage. Everyone, whether they're brand new assistants or star players worth millions, now has to worry that scammers might wreck their financial lives.