Six machines that build a better world

Custom trucks assemble tunnels out of Lego-like concrete blocks.

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Six machines that build a better world

By Cat DiStasio

When it comes to construction, technology can go a long way toward making building projects faster, more economical and safer. Robots that can alleviate back-breaking manual labor and cut down on injuries are a welcome addition to work sites, and they can do everything from building a brick home to constructing a steel bridge. Other cool machines have been engineered to help those in need, like a 40-foot-tall 3D printer that makes mud houses for developing nations. With so many complicated tasks in the construction world, it's amazing to think about how machines can help us do them better, more powerful and often more eco friendly.

Gallery: Six machines that build a better world | 6 Photos

  • Hadrian, the superfast bricklaying robot
  • Robots build Amsterdam’s 3D-printed bridge
  • Giant 3D printer makes mud homes for the poor
  • Flying robots build a tower in France
  • Tiger-Stone rolls out roads like carpet
  • Zipper truck snaps bricks together to build concrete tunnels
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