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Huawei sues Samsung over cellphone patents

It claims that Samsung's phones are swiping its technology.

No, the fighting between top smartphone makers isn't done just yet. Huawei has sued Samsung in both China and the US for allegedly violating its patents on cellular technology and software through its cellphones. Unlike what you see in many such lawsuits, though, the Chinese tech leader isn't demanding a straight financial penalty -- it wants a cross-licensing deal where the two sides share patents, much like the ones it has with "dozens" of other partners.

Samsung hasn't commented yet (we've reached out for its take). However, you might not see this turn into a knock-down-drag-out courtroom battle. Huawei's demands hint that the lawsuit is more of a bargaining chip than an attempt to punish a competitor. Unless Samsung outright refuses to make a deal, it's entirely possible that the mobile rivals will settle this out of court.