LG G5's VR headset, 360 camera and other accessories hit the US

It's nice to have 'Friends.'

When LG announced its modular G5 phone last month, it also revealed a line of "Friends" companion devices to go along with it (See what it did there?). Included in the lineup are the 360 VR headset, 360 Cam, the Harman Kardon-powered Tone Platinum audio headset and the Cam Plus camera grip. While the phone itself is already available in the US, these gadgets that the company intends for you to use with the handset were not until now.

LG says that the major carriers in the States will offer these add-ons or you can purchase them directly from the company. The Cam Plus module that adds a grip, camera controls and takes advantage of the G5's modular design is the most affordable of the group at $70. If you're looking to nab the VR headset, Tone wireless audio headset or 360 Cam, be prepared to hand over $200 for each of those. Unfortunately, there's no mention of the BB-8-like Rolling Ball, but LG did note that more third-party companion devices were on the way.