Microsoft's news bot finds stories based on your interests

A bot named Rowe hunts for articles in the News Pro app for iOS.

Bots are all the rage these days, and to help you keep pace with news stories that interest you, Microsoft has one named Rowe. Inside the News Pro app from Microsoft Garage, Rowe goes to work gathering those articles that you'll want to read when you ask it to make a recommendation. What's more, the bot will also serve up news for you or for people who look like you when you send it a selfie. And yes, you can also upload other images and Rowe will search for stories based on the content of the photo.

News Pro has some pretty standard reader features as well. By logging in with Facebook or LinkedIn, the app is able to "personalize" the links it pulls in. There's a Highlights feed that breaks down articles based on your interests or those related to your job. You can also add friends and group them so that you're sharing with with like-minded folks and colleagues in your office. If you're looking for another way to keep up with daily happenings, the latest version of the News Pro app is available for iOS devices via the iTunes App Store.