Avian dating sim 'Hatoful Boyfriend' makes its mobile debut

The quirky bird-focused visual novel lets you flock together with birds of every feather.

Visual novels and dating sims run the gamut from benign to completely out there. Hatoful Boyfriend, a dating sim all about birds, is quirky but not totally unapproachable. It's just cute enough to pique your interest and then reel you in. It's also finally made its way to the App Store.

Developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital have released the romantic tale of the only human based at St. PigeoNation for iOS users today. You'll meet a host of colorful feathered suitors while managing classes and wrangling dates. It may sound like a totally bizarre concept, but dipping into the weirdness is absolutely worth it, especially when you consider some of the game's more poignant moments.

You can pick up the iOS version of Hatoful Boyfriend for $4.99/£3.99 today. That's a paltry entry fee for one of the most accessible visual novels with a dash of weirdness out there. Just don't be surprised if you're left wanting more after you complete it. Then you'll be moving on to Saya no Uta or Clannad, and it's a slippery (but awesome) slope from there. The original game is still available via Steam if you'd prefer to play on PC.