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'Deus Ex' trailer shows mankind divided over augmentation

Get up to speed with the new 'Deus Ex' game.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided explores a future where humanity is torn by the rise of augmentation. Set fifteen years in the future, it's now commonplace for people to equip themselves with artificial limbs. But after the so-called "aug incident," where augmented humans were covertly hacked and suddenly turned violent, society is split down the middle -- both ethically and physically. Augmented and non-augmented individuals are separated in the streets, fuelling civil unrest. It's a gripping backdrop for a video game, and one you can now absorb through a live-action trailer.

Live-action video game trailers are normally a bit rubbish, but this one is surprisingly effective. You get a good sense of how the technology has developed, why so many people have embraced it, and a hint of the "madness" that gripped people during the pivotal "aug incident." Whether you're a longtime Deus Ex fan or a franchise beginner, it's enough to give you the gist of hero Adam Jensen's situation. An augmented individual himself, he works both for Interpol and a hacker group in order to find "Illuminati," the people responsible for the lethal malfunctions.

The game is set to land on August 23rd.