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Twitch Clips share your favorite stream moments

You won't have to make someone watch a whole video to show the best part.

Twitch viewers know the problem: you've seen something amazing on a stream that you're dying to share, but you'd rather not make friends watch the whole stream (or remember the exact time) to relive the moment. What to do? After today, it should only take a few clicks. Twitch is rolling out a Clips feature that creates a shareable video capturing the 25 seconds before you tap the button, and 5 seconds afterward. After that, you get a web link that takes people directly to the broadcaster; if the feed is no longer live, you'll go to the exact moment the clip began in the finished video.

Only partnered channels get to use Clips right away, and then only for "select" viewers. It'll take a few weeks before everyone has access. When it reaches a wider audience, though, it'll represent a big step toward giving Twitch the social video sharing that you're used to from services focusing on pre-recorded videos.