Urbanears has sweat-soaked headphones, if that's what you're into

Thankfully, the headband and earpads are washable.

What's the best way to promote a line of workout headphones? Well, if you're Urbanears, offering a "Limited Sweat Edition" that carries the perspiration of real human "movement makers" is how you go about it. The audio company teamed up with seven folks from fashion, music and sports on a group of sweat-soaked headphones that will be used to raise money for charity. Yes, it's pretty gross, but Urbanears is playing up the Hellas wireless headphones removable headband and earpads to remind you that said funk can be removed. And yes, you can buy a fresh pair if you prefer.

Urbanears got seven people to wear the headphones during a workout and immediately bagged the sweaty audio gear afterwards. The list of folks includes running coach Knox Robinson, dancer "WilldaBeast" Adams, musician Amanda Bergman, British singer V V Brown, American model Barbie Ferreira, German fashionista Bonnie Strange and French DJ/entrepreneur Nadege Winter. If you want to buy 'em, the "WilldaBeast" Adams and Bonnie Strange headphones go on sale May 27th with others to follow. There's only one of each, so you'll have to act fast to drop €119 (around $133) that will be donated to charity.