HTC is working on its own VR game for Vive (updated)

It's a military shooter called 'Front Defense.'

HTC is cooking up a game of its own for the Vive virtual reality headset. Little is known about the title, other than its name -- Front Defense -- and that it'll be shown at the Computex conference in Taiwan next week. A quick translation of HTC's announcement describes a military shooter with "fierce fighting on the battlefield" and "classic" weaponry spanning pistols, rifles and anti-tank rockets. HTC has little experience as a game developer, so the announcement comes as a surprise. Given the Vive's competition -- which will soon include PlayStation VR and Google Daydream -- a new, exclusive title could help it to sway people still sitting on the fence.

Updated: HTC has clarified that it's not making the game. The "internal VR software startup" working on the project is actually Fantahorn Studio, an independent developer. It's sponsored by HTC and includes current HTC employees. The "internal startup" description is probably a misnomer.