Ben Heck's Hackmanji board game

It is what it sounds like: a game based on the film 'Jumanji.'

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Ben Heck's Hackmanji board game
The Ben Heck Show - Episode 238 - Ben Heck's Hackmanji Board Game Part 1
With a bit of laser cutting for the box and some 3D printing for the pieces, cogs and arms, Ben, Karen and Felix build a new version of the board game Jumanji. (Yes indeed, it's on based on the 1995 Robin Williams film.) Also in this episode, Karen and Ben get a hold of the original Nintendo Power Glove to hack for a future installment. If you have any show ideas of your own, or simply want to engage with The Ben Heck Show team, visit the element14 Community page.
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Ben Heck's Hackmanji board game