ASUS upgrades its crazy ROG liquid-cooled gaming laptop

Because if you want your gaming laptop to be thin and light, all the cooling has to happen on the outside.

ROG, ASUS' well-respected gaming PC arm, likes to unveil a barrage of weird systems at Taipei's Computex -- and this year is no different. To start with, its insane liquid-cooled GX700 gaming laptop is coming back for another round. The GX800 still has the giant attachment at the rear, but will now be powered by an NVIDIA SLI GPU, along with Intel's K-series CPU. There are two 330W power supplies to ensure all that liquid-cooled overclocking you'll be doing. Indeed, if you're not planning to overclock, you're probably looking at the wrong gaming machine.

The GX800 will have ROG's latest mechanical keyboard, with (a very Computex thing) multicolor LED keys that can be customized to suit your gaming style. Yes, the notebook is thinner and lighter than other high-end systems, but the full performance is only available with the attached water-cooling.

ROG's compact desktop PC is getting a special tenth anniversary edition, which ASUS is claiming is the world's most powerful. Inside the G31 Edition 10, you can expect one-click CPU overclocking, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU with two-way SLI for 4K gaming, as well as its own ESS audio DAC and amplifier headphone jack for louder gunshots and such. The tower itself even looks like a structure from a futuristic shooter of your choosing:

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