OnePlus starts selling phones via Amazon UK

Another place to order a OnePlus 2.

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OnePlus starts selling phones via Amazon UK

If you've been eyeing up a OnePlus phone, there's now another place you can order one in the UK. The company is selling the OnePlus 2 on Amazon UK for £249 -- the same, recently reduced price found on its own website. A spokesperson for OnePlus has also confirmed to Engadget that both the OnePlus 2 and smaller OnePlus X will, eventually, be sold through Amazon US too. The move should improve the sales of both handsets, due to the added exposure and consumer trust associated with Amazon. It could also be a useful way to sell off old stock ahead of the OnePlus 3 launch.

We wouldn't expect OnePlus' next flagship to show up on Amazon any time soon, however. The company's last three phones were sold using a controversial invite system -- for a while, anyway -- which Amazon can't support. We suspect the OnePlus 3 will be sold in a similar fashion, meaning the phone will be an exclusive on its own online store. At least until the company is ready to blow the invite dam once more.

Update: OnePlus is killing its invite system. What does that mean for the OnePlus 3? Well, there's no plan to sell the smartphone on Amazon, at least not at launch. But who knows, further down the road that might change.

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