OnePlus wants you to order its new phone using a VR headset

You'll want the free Loop VR headset to buy the OnePlus 3 before anyone else.

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OnePlus wants you to order its new phone using a VR headset

OnePlus doesn't think that last year's VR launch for the OnePlus 2 was just a gimmick... in fact, it's ramping things up. The fledgling smartphone maker has unveiled its own VR headset, the Loop VR, and it's giving away 30,000 units for free (plus shipping) ahead of the OnePlus 3's introduction. And it's not just for the sake of impressing diehard fans, either. If you visit OnePlus' VR shopping experience, you'll get to order the OnePlus 3 before anyone else. Yes, you'll have to immerse yourself if you want to get the first crack at the company's next flagship.

Of course, this is all a calculated marketing strategy. If you receive a free VR headset, immerse yourself in a launch event and get early dibs on a new phone, isn't there added pressure to buy that phone? Even if OnePlus is primarily catering to existing fans, the VR strategy could help it out by convincing those diehards to purchase a phone quickly instead of taking a wait-and-see approach.

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