VSCO update simplifies how you capture, edit and browse photos

Both the Android and iOS versions of the photography app are being overhauled.

Last time we heard from VSCO, the company trotted out a separate photography app for GIFs. Turning its attention back to its flagship software for snapshots, the VSCO options for both Android and iOS are set to receive a substantial update to better balance creativity and discovery. First, a retooled gesture-based UI lets you easily flip back and forth between the photography editing tools and a feed of images from the folks you follow in the app. The overall look of the interface is simplified, too.

In addition to improved image capture and search functionality, there's a new "Find My Friends" tool as well. You've likely seen something similar in other apps, especially those that integrate with Facebook. The feature basically allows you to find the people you know who are also taking pictures with the VSCO app. Social features were added to the app a few updates back, and the pending updates will only build on the discovery options. New versions of both the Android and iOS app are rolling out over the next couple of weeks, but for now, you can take a look at what's on the way via the video below.