Microsoft brings Outlook mail and calendar to HoloLens

The apps can be downloaded from Windows Store.

You can't get a Microsoft HoloLens yet unless you pony up $3,000 for the developer edition. But when a consumer version does become available -- either through Microsoft itself or through companies that choose to use the Windows Holographic platform -- you'll easily be able to access your emails and schedule on the headset. Microsoft has released HoloLens versions of Outlook Mail and Calendar, so those who do have the developer version no longer have to load them on a browser.

The company explained that both apps were built on the Universal Windows Platform and can run on any Windows 10 device. Since its augmented and virtual reality platform is part of Windows 10, it was easy enough to bring the apps over. HoloLens users simply have to download them from the headset's Windows Store, and we're guessing that's what you'll also have to do on future Windows Holographic devices.