Infiniti wants to bring highway self-driving to new models

It hopes to beat out German rivals to autonomous driving.

Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Nissan's luxury Infiniti brand has its sights set on self-driving. Speaking at an automotive conference in China this week, Infiniti president Roland Kreuger announced plans to integrate highway self-driving in newer models, Reuters reports. At this point, only the Q50 sedan has the necessary steering technology to enable the feature, but Kreuger says the company plans to bring it to new cars on an individual basis. "Whenever we are launching the next cars with such a steering system or the next generation of these systems, then of course we would offer those features to our customers," he said.

When it comes to delivering autonomous driving outside of highways, Kreuger says they'll have to wait for new infrastructure and approaches to regulation. While some luxury car brands already allow for some assisted driving features, like lane-correction and automatic breaking, only Tesla offers autonomous driving on highways at the moment.