Swarm brings back Foursquare's real-world perks

Checking in at the right places could give you discounts and prizes.

Foursquare is continuing its quest to bring back all the things you liked from its old check-in app. Swarm now offers real-life perks depending on where and how often you check in. You'll get a discount if you swing by certain stores, for instance, or enter to win a prize if you complete a challenge across multiple shops. Only some locations will have these benefits, but Foursquare is promising "hundreds" of prizes ranging from cruises to drones to VIP concert tickets.

The first challenge is already underway, and it's a big one: you can win a $10,000 vacation to anywhere you want if you check into three "summertime locations" (think beaches or movie theaters) no later than June 19th.

It's a relatively small move, but it could do a lot to help Foursquare draw in users who might have drifted away. While it's fun to get bragging rights for a mayorship, part of the allure of the original Foursquare app was getting that discount at the coffee shop you visit every day. If Swarm offers enough perks in the right places, you'll have a good incentive to keep using the app regardless of how competitive your friends might be.