Swarm revives Foursquare's mayorships, restoring your self-worth

If you miss the early days of Foursquare, when checking into places was still novel and being mayor of your favorite hangout made you feel like royalty, get ready for a blast from the past. Foursquare just announced that it's brought back mayorships to its spinoff check-in app Swarm (the core Foursquare app is now devoted to location discovery), just as the company promised it would last month. Surprisingly, Foursquare admitted that competing for mayor crown stickers on Swarm, which could be added to your check-ins, "wasn't as much fun" as nabbing a lofty title. You can earn a mayorship by checking into a location more times in the past 30 days than anyone else -- pretty much like how it worked before. You won't be getting your old titles back instantly (though Foursquare is turning your old badges into stickers), but the company says it'll count check-ins from the past month.