Foursquare dusts off its leaderboards for Swarm

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Mariella Moon
August 21st, 2015
Foursquare dusts off its leaderboards for Swarm

Foursquare has clearly been trying to bring back the sparkle it lost when it split into two. After reviving global mayorships in hopes of enticing old users to start checking in again, it's now reinstating the old app's leaderboards. Swarm version 3.0 incorporates a revamped leaderboard, which pits you against friends and ranks you all based on the number of coins you have. Each check in earns you coins, but the amount varies per location -- some could give you just a coin or two, while other places could add a dozen to your total -- and you get bonuses for mayorships and check-in streaks. The company says those coins might have more uses in the future, but you can think of them as "points" for now. By the way, the leaderboard resets every week, so everyone has a chance to be number one... though we guess that only matters if you have friends who still use Swarm.

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