Amazon Fresh UK grocery delivery service launches in London

It'll cost £7 per month and offers around 130,000 products.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

After months of testing and logistical planning, Amazon has finally launched its Fresh grocery delivery service in the UK. The company confirmed today that it will offer deliveries to Prime customers in 69 postcodes across central and east London in its first expansion outside of the US.

Thanks to a partnership with Morrisons, Amazon provides around 130,000 products from brands and local suppliers for an extra £7 a month (following a free 30-day trial). That covers fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy products, as well as a range of household items. Amazon UK offers free same-day delivery for orders over £40, but anything under that will incur a £4 fee.

"We are launching with a comprehensive offer in a limited area and will take our time to hone and improve our service based on our learnings and feedback from our customers," says Ajay Kavan, VP of Amazon Fresh. "We will be very methodical and considered in how we roll this service out further in the UK."

Although Amazon Fresh has been available in the US for almost a decade, the UK offering differs slightly in that it utilises a monthly subscription model. American customers are asked to pay $299 before they can start getting fresh produce delivered to their door. Of course, Brits still need to have fork out £79 for a Prime subscription in the first place but Amazon believes it has the edge over the major UK supermarkets on price and availability.