Domino's will track customers on their way to pick up pies

In Sydney, Australia, pizza oven watches you.

Flickr/Dennis Miyashiro

Domino's already lets customers monitor the status of their pizzas for delivery, but on Monday it will reverse that service, allowing pizza-makers to track the location of customers coming in for a pie pick-up. The program rolls out across Australia starting on Monday, according to CNBC. Anyone in the country who orders Domino's from a smartphone will be prompted to enable location-tracking on themselves, plus choose whether they're coming by bike, car or on foot. Domino's will start cooking the appropriate pizza once the customer is in range, so it comes out as fresh as possible, CEO Don Meij said.

Domino's launched its pizza-tracking service for online orders in 2008 and the company plans to continue blending technology into its business. Another new service set to go live in the coming months is a "zero-click order" wherein customers simply open the Domino's app and, after a 10-second countdown, their favorite or most recent order is sent to a nearby store. There will be safeguards in place to prevent accidental orders, including the ability to lock the app, Meij promised.